Renovation projects are complicated. Upgrading existing structures and systems isn’t as straightforward as new construction; it requires an uncommon level of expertise. The team at SDS Construction has a proven track record in managing commercial projects. Moreover, we enjoy it. Whatever your project – from restoring a neglected historic property to renovating a poorly utilized warehouse – our team is passionate about the process and the results.


Whether you’re moving to a new location or upgrading your current one, we draw on our expertise to design, plan, and build the exact space you want. That means understanding your needs and aspirations and creating a path to fulfill your vision.

We understand the importance of budget considerations. Our team is uniquely skilled at value engineering the design features you want, so you can keep costs in check without compromising function and beauty. We give you a product quality that exceeds its cost, thanks to our vendor relationships and our construction team’s wide range of skills – including everything from metal fabrication to fine woodworking.

Project Management

Once we develop a comprehensive plan for your project, our team begins work at the job site. SDS Construction adheres to fixed scheduling, allowing you to be involved in every aspect of the process and anticipate each step. In this collaborative process, ongoing communication is critical.

Project Close

Construction projects are remembered not by how they start but how they finish. Often, projects lose momentum near the end, as the focus shifts to future jobs. At SDS Construction, our projects don’t close until the client is satisfied. We remain committed throughout the entire process, addressing any concerns immediately and remaining available post-occupancy.