SDS Commercial offers a unique model of service in the local property management market. As a custom agency, we have the flexibility to let you choose your level of service. We can satisfy owners who request a limited scope, as well as those who need comprehensive services with high attention to detail. Contact us to discuss your situation, and we can develop an individualized management program for you.

Customized Service & Fee Schedules

At SDS Commercial, we understand that each property has unique needs yet shares the common goal of profitability. We work directly with you to devise a service and fee schedule that’s tailored to your objectives.

Tenant Relations

Spokane is close-knit community, where people care about building long-term connections. We approach our relationships with tenants the same way. We treat them fairly and care about their wellbeing and success, and our tenants, in turn, are happy with our services.

Expense Management

We know that ineffective oversight of property expenses will kill profitability. That’s why we watch your budgets as carefully as we do our own. We want your managed property to fulfill its investment potential, and we help you make choices that will actualize profits.

Property Maintenance

A beautiful property not only attracts and retains tenants, but also enhances the surrounding community. We’re committed to maintaining both the beauty and profitability of your property. Our facilities maintenance team is skilled and efficient at everything from daily cleaning to annual maintenance. And we always keep a sharp eye on costs.

Tenant Improvements

Having an in-house general contractor makes us unique in the field of real estate management. SDS Construction has a stellar reputation in our community, and we’re available to meet all tenant improvement needs.

Lease Administration

This is a key component in the performance of your commercial real estate. That’s why, at SDS Commercial, we begin with the end in mind, striving to clearly understand all the details of the lease and administer it correctly. We work toward a fair outcome for both the landlord and tenant. And we provide you with information to help you optimize and plan for the future of your property.